Complexities of Cloud migration

Posted on :May-12-2016 Posted By: Admin 0 Comments

Does rip-and-replace approach to cloud migration make financial sense for organizations that have a large investment in an on-premises data center?If so what factors needs to be considered to migrate applications to cloud?          Application requirements for cloud migration. For application servers, administrators it is concern that and what must they consider for a application to function in the cloud.Compatibility is no longer an issues for newer application as they run top modern operating system and in fact they may even see an performance issue when migrated to cloud as the current application developments platform support such computing requirements.However there are two major considerations must be taken into account for application which are developed earlier1. performance: the factor that can drag the application performance is the internet bandwidth  and its limitations and can stand in the way of good user experience2. portability application dependency can hinder the portability of application to cloud, one such example which is extensively visible is Active directory or user authentication and if authentication needs to does on premise infrastructure then the migration cloud be dragged to its knees.