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Cloud Orchestration

Posted on : Apr-29-2016 Posted By: Admin 2 Comments

HOT vs Mistral vs TOSCA vs Muranowhy HOT?why Mistral?why TOSCA?why Murano? ...

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Network function virtualization

Posted on : Apr-29-2016 Posted By: Admin 0 Comments

what is NFV ?NFV is about separating network functions from proprietary hardware and then consolidating, and running those functions as virtualized applications on a commodity server. NFV focuses on virtualizing network functions such as firewalls, WAN acceleration, message routers, message border controllers (used in VoiP networks), content delivery networks (CDNs) and other specialized network applications.Who can best make use of this feature?Is it clo...

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Cloud Computing security

Posted on : May-10-2016 Posted By: Admin 1245 Comments

Key performance indicators1. Keeping customer data safe      Authentication - manage and control the identity and user access is key to success      Encryption - for data in transit or rest using industry standard protocols is absolutely critical for success      Network se...

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Complexities of Cloud migration

Posted on : May-12-2016 Posted By: Admin 0 Comments

Does rip-and-replace approach to cloud migration make financial sense for organizations that have a large investment in an on-premises data center?If so what factors needs to be considered to migrate applications to cloud?          Application requirements for cloud migration. For application servers,...

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AT&T deploys 74 OpenStack clusters; named Superuser

Posted on : May-17-2016 Posted By: Admin 0 Comments

                                In his keynote for last week’s OpenStack Summit in Austin, Texas, Sorabh Saxena, AT&T SVP, Software Development and Engineering, talked about the company’s cloud journey, and how AT&T was planning even more deployments in 2016 as it virtualizes its infr...

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