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Cloud Evolutions offers infrastructure Services that will help you advance your environment for superior business alignment by delivering infrastructure that is resilient and reliable there by reducing costs and improving business agility.

Enterprise IT can be complex and the demands great. To reduce this complexity while making the most of your environment, software, and tools (as well as the emerging Software Defined Data Center), Cloud evolutions offers a range of infrastructure solutions designed to align your business objectives with IT infrastructure and processes. Because enterprise applications cover many disciplines and cross many requirements, Cloud evolutions takes an end-to-end approach to architect infrastructure. We’ve perfected this process of end-to-end integration to achieve the automation levels that help our customers achieve value beyond what they ever imagined possible

Cloud Evolutions Orchestration & Automation Services include:

Cloud Automation Integration with public cloud
Capacity On-Demand Self-Service Infrastructure
Automated and Policy-Based Provisioning Closed Loop Remediation Automation
Governance and Policy Management DevOps-Focused Orchestration & Automation
Governance and Policy Management Real-Time Reporting and Chargeback Execution

Where we Excel?

Make your journey to transform your IT infrastructure uneventful from where you are to where you want to be…

Optimize infrastructure
Curious to know how !

As systems expand, you need to effectively manage your IT environment so all the parts work together to get the quickest return on investment (ROI). Combining open tools and standards, industry insight, organizational knowledge, and proven IT methodologies, we:

  • Standardize hardware, software, and management processes.
  • Architect systems and solutions for flexibility and scalability.
  • Increase operational efficiency and performance.

Optimize applications delivery
and operations Here is how…

Need to deliver high-quality solutions with less complexity at lower costs? Knowing where to start can be challenging. CEVOs Consulting acts as an extension of your team at every step of the development life cycle. Based on your goals, we plan, design, and deliver a middleware solution that helps you:

  • Reduce and manage complexity while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Improve developer productivity
  • Orchestrate complex systems and business rules
  • Adopt DevOps


Cloud computing can help make your apps extraordinarily agile and scalable. You know this. Your competitors know this. And now, it seems, it is a race to the finish. Accenture can lead you through a process that reduces pain and costs while maximizing time and resources. It comprises five important stages: discovery, assessment, planning, migration and deployment


  • Discovery
  • Assessment
  • Migration Planning
  • Migration and validation
  • Deployment



Cloud Design and Integration Services

CEVOs helps you understand all aspects of the cloud models, facilitate your progression.

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Engineering - System Integration Services

CEVOs independent provider of IT services, solutions, and technologies.

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Cloud Implementation Services

Cloud Evolutions Cloud Services deliver an agile, simple to use, and secure Infrastructure as a Service solution.

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